Carbon Friendly Enterprises

LED Street Lighting

  • LED high power Streetlights are a revolutionary new product that adapts the energy efficiency of LED’s to a broad application. Streetlights are everywhere and if replaced with the LED Streetlight series could produce significant energy savings on a large scale.

  • Easily adaptable to existing street light poles, OR available with their own custom poles, offering the pole the same protective coatings as the headpiece.

  • LED Streetlights are directly retrofittable  to existing electrical systems.


  • Solar powered systems are also available for areas where there is ample sunshine to harness, store, and use.

  • Intelligent systems enable automatic self-switching between stored solar energy use and direct electrical connection depending on battery level.


  • Introduced in the 2009 Series LED Street Lights, is the new reflector design, producing a much more defined, brighter footprint, and much less glare.



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